• Recycling plants and screening technology for dry separation

     · We are one of the leading international manufacturers of machines and systems for processing technology and separation of e.g. bulk goods, used tires, food, electronic waste and copper cables. For more than 30 years our goal has been efficient solutions in process engineering for our customers. We are driven by the effort to conserve resources, to recover valuable raw materials and

  • IFE Team

    Environmental Technology Recycling for all areas. Foundry Technology Tailor-made vibration and magnetic technology. Conveyor Technology. Vibrating feeder with electromagnetic drive for dosing of bulk material. Magnetic Technology. Eddy current separatorsystem with eddy current bar Eddy current separatoreccentric system

  • Equipment GuideFind recycling equipment and systems

    Equipment Guide – Find recycling equipment and system manufacturers online. Industrial recycling systems and equipment, components, accessories specifically used for processing and measuring recyclable materials. Browse our equipment guide categories to find and contact your manufacturer. Related news and category experts are shown below.

  • Introduction to computed tomography

    2.1 Magnetic part inspection This method is used to detect surface (or close to surface) defects, mainly in ferromagnetic materials like steel and iron. The basic principle is shown in Figure 2.1. A magnetic flux is generated in the part under analysis. If there is a defect, like a crack, the magnetic flux

  • SMS group SMS group Leading partner in

     · At SMS group, we have made it our mission to create a carbon-neutral and sustainable metals industry. We supply the technology to produce and recycle all major metals. This gives us a key role in the transformation towards a green metals industry.

  • Metal Scrap Processing Equipment PRAB

    Superior dual ram compression technology for the industry’s densest briquettes increases the value of aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, titanium, magnesium and other metal chips, turnings and swarf by effectively squeezing out cutting fluid to create dry, compact pucks. Learn more.

  • ANDRITZ Recycling

    Innovative recycling technologies for material separation and recovery, treatment of various types of waste and rejects, and the production of renewable energy help you reduce dependency on purchased power and eliminate landfilling of wastethus making substantial contributions towards protecting the

  • Buy Parasite & Virus Zappers Cleanse Machine Supreme

     · From Dr. Thomspon RE Parasite Zapper. Dear Supreme family, If you want premium earth healing properties- copper, tri-blend of quartz healing stones, and magnetic therapy, natural 528Hz frequency- removes toxins and cleanses bacteria/viruses, or even if you just want to fast, effective, safe & research proven parasite zapper, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

  • Recycling metalsObtaining and using metalsEdexcel

     · Recycling a metal involves collecting used metal items and producing new metal from them. The steps usually needed are collecting and transporting the used items to a recycling

  • Innovations in waste Waste Management World

     · Pellenc ST is working on a research project in partnership with OSEO dedicated to the development of new machines and sorting technologies worth over 18 million euro (US $24.5 million). So we can expect to see even greater things in future. Claudine Capel is the editor of Waste Management

  • Landfill mining is this the next big thing in recycling

     · Enhanced landfill mining is also relevant for municipal solid waste. In this case landfill mining separates waste into directly recyclable materials (glass, plastic, metals, aggregates) and a refuse-derived fuel fraction, which is further converted into high-added-value products. Using the new plasma gasification technology, it is possible to

  • Guidetti machines for cables' recycling and electrical

     · Guidetti recycling systems is a leading company. in machines for cable's recycling and materials’ recovery. To know more. From metals’ recycling to copper and cable granuators be up-to-date on our latest news, trade shows, new machines for cable's recycling and technological solutions.

  • Optical Sorting EquipmentTOMRA Auto sort Recycling

    NIR is the only technology that can determine the difference between two materials by analyzing their composition. TOMRA optical sorters stand head and shoulders above the restliterally. TOMRA optical sorting equipment has the industry’s highest NIR resolution BY FAR. TOMRA has leveraged this superior resolution to solve one of a MRF’s

  • Copper Facts

     · Copper Facts Copper the Metal Copper Fact 1. Copper is a mineral and an element essential to our everyday lives. It is a major industrial metal because of its high ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

  • Casting TechnologyFraunhofer

    2 days ago · Going beyond the classic issues of casting technology, we also help our clients find solutions to their interdisciplinary production and materials engineering requirements. Here, project teams from a variety of disciplines, such as com-posite materials, powder technology and adhesive bonding technology and surfaces, work together to find scientific

  • Recy Systems AGRecycling Software Systems and Solutions

    RECY®, the ERP System for the Recycling and Waste Management Industry. RECY integrates solutions for all processes which are required in your company in a perfect way. Standard modules are supplemented with customer-specific applications, if they make your organization complete.

  • Sewage sludge management in Germany

     · In Germany, daily water use now reaches 120 litres per person. All of this water ultimately ends up in the sewage system, and from there is channelled to sewage treatment plants. At such plants, the sewage passes through screens and sieves and undergoes mechanical and biological purification, the goal being to remove impurities from

  • Innovations in waste Waste Management World

     · Pellenc ST is working on a research project in partnership with OSEO dedicated to the development of new machines and sorting technologies worth over 18 million euro (US $24.5 million). So we can expect to see even greater things in future. Claudine Capel is the editor of Waste Management

  • Metal Scrap Processing Equipment PRAB

    PRAB’s Metal Scrap Processing Equipment division offers a full-line of scrap metal equipment for reducing metalworking scrap to flowable chips and separating chips from spent fluid for recycle or reuse.. Our experienced sales and engineering staff works with each customer on an individual basis, collecting vital application data and putting together the best scrap metal recycling solution to


    Copper Electrolysis Systems are used for recovering high purity copper and precious metal slime, which comes from the Copper Enrichment and Anode Casting System. The anodes, which are produced by anode preparation system, are hanged into the Electrolysis cells. After the process , high purity copper is plated on the cathodes.

  • Aluminium-Plastic/PE Separation Line, ACP Recycling Machine

     · Plastic-Aluminium Composite Separating Line. The separation system allows a continuous industrial-scale process for separating aluminum and polyethylene/plastic. Aluminum composite panel (ACP) recycling plant adopts advanced metal recovery process, integrating technologies to recover metal (aluminum) and plastic from aluminium foil packaging

  • How is Lenz's Law Used in Drop Tower Rides? Let's Talk

     · The induced current in the copper strips also creates a magnetic field. And as Lenz’s law states, that magnetic field opposes the motion of the magnets. As a result, the magnetic field pushes up against the seat, causing the cart to slow down. This is how a drop tower ride’s magnetic brakes work. These magnetic brakes are used with

  • Guidetti machines for cables' recycling and electrical

     · Guidetti Granulators. Easy to use to get a quick economical payback. The ultra-compact SINCRO EKO series synonymous of versatility and profitability. Know more about the Sincro Eko series. 2500 sq. meters. A big area dedicated to our clients to test our machines for cable's recycling and touch with hands the output.

  • Recycling TechnologyAurubis

    1. Multi-metal recycling with the Kayser Recycling System (KRS) at the Aurubis recycling center in Lünen Copper scrap, electronic scrap and residues are used as input material in the Aurubis recycling center in Lünen. The Kayser Recycling System is well suited for utilizing recycling materials with low copper and precious metal contents and very complex materials such as electric and electronic scrap. Material

  • Gr7 Technologymstworkbooks

     · A scrap metal dealer sorts magnetic and non-magnetic metals into separate piles for recycling. They use a crane with a magnet, but find it difficult to remove the metal pieces from the magnet. They need a magnet that can be switched on and off to help with this. The company wants you to design and build a model crane that

  • How It Works Inside The Machine That Separates Your

     · 92 Percentage recycling rates increased when Florida’s Miami-Dade County implemented single-stream recycling in 2008. This article originally appeared in the August 2013 issue of Popular

  • Manufacturer for innovative magnetic separation technology

     · STEINERT KSS for your ZORBA upgrade. Use the STEINERT KSS (combination sorting system) as a platform for various sensorsfor 3D, colour and induction recognition. As a fourth sensor for the system, we also offer near-infrared, x-ray transmission or x

  • Heraeus Group

    Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. Your competitive advantage is our priority. In all our businesses our people combine material expertise with technological know-how. With this professional knowledge, we look into your processes, challenges and markets and

  • Mineral Comminution and Separation Systems

     · copper grade is 1/3.46 = 0.29 = 29%. For a range of practical reasons to be discussed below, this ultimate grade of copper concentrate cannot be attained, but the grade of copper concentrates is generally in the range of 20 to 25%. If, on the other hand, we extracted copper from this ore by dissolving by some chemical

  • Magnetic solutions, development & magnet production

     · Bakker Magnetics offers you an extensive choice of systems for separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals using permanent magnets (PM). We provide separation solutions for, among other things, bottom ash, electronic waste, wood, glass, sand, plastics, construction waste, biomass, pharmaceutical and food streams and other industries.

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